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- Through out The Ages -

We are so Sorry It is with deep regret
 we have to cancel the show For 2018
We received notification over the weekend
 that the venue is no longer  available for us to use  
We have tried hard to find an alternative but this is not  to be
at such short notice

War in the Brook

18th & 19th Aug

Grindley Brook  is hosting a Military event  War in the Brook supported by  local business  we have made solders and vehicles available from collectors and reenactors also military groups. These will be located in and around the locks and  fields close by. There will be WW1 And WW2  solders walking up and down the canal. We  will  have  help for Heroes and the British Legion  on site. Parking will be available on the other side of the road  this will be marked clearly  there may be a small charge for public parking

A new venue has been offered for
next year 2019.
We as a group have worked so hard to get the show up and running. We would like to thank everyone for their support
we look forward to seeing you in 2019  
More Details will follow later in the year  

Allo Allo will not be attending this year.

Various military Encampments depicting historically accurate equipment and men. Plus a large number of second world war and cold war vehicles. 


 Medieval Sword Fighting  as well as Crafts and Medieval village. Plus modern day military equipment.

During the day there will be a bar and entertainment with a 1940s music in one of three marquee's. Plus a large number of stalls that will match the periods depicted.

This event is open to any military Vehicle bikes to the biggest trucks and tanks if its a military vehicle

just fill out the downloadable form in file downloads and Email it to

 We have lot's of Re-Enactment groups joining us the weekend also all manor of  Military Vehicle collectors and Groups the list is endless please see  those attending below:

Cheshire and Mersey side Military Vehicle Group

Manchester Military Vehicle Group

North Staffs Military Vehicle Group

Shropshire Border Counties Military vehicle Trust

Crewe and District Military Vehicle Group

Static V1 flying Bomb display full scale

Black Star Re-Enactment Group

Special Operations Executive WW2

Observer post Re-Enactment

WW1 Battle Front with Nursing unit (Whitchurch Volunteers)

Lewis Gun display group

WW2 Tin can Ally

Axis-Allied  WW2 Re-Enactment

Watch this space for more updates