Whitchurch volunteers is a dedicated group of like-minded reenactors who have come about in favour of re-living and commemorating the First World War. Founded in late 2014, the group was organised following a public request for some sort of commemorative event which memorialised the legacy of the Great War.

Three suggestions were put to the council; the cleaning of the war memorial, display cases of World War 1 memorabilia and a re-enactment squad. These suggestions were adopted by the council.

In order to fund these activities, the Council made an application in late 2015 to the lottery heritage fund and was subsequently awarded enough so that these ideas could be carried to fruition with no cost to the council or to Whitchurch rate payers. Recruiting took place and the first meeting of the squad was held in the beginning of early 2016.


The War Memorial was subsequently cleaned and the display cabinet was installed and filled with memorabilia supplied by local individuals for well over 12 months. As a result, the squad has grown considerably, in which it consists of a number of like-minded individuals who travel the UK in favour of re-enacting the past.


My self ( Simon, hello) and Mark met up about 2 years ago when I showed several military vehicles on this site as a trail nothing really went forward from there we both crossed paths again in 2016 not long after the Whitchurch volunteers were formed.

Mark had already organised several medieval shows in Market Drayton and Shropshire after a few chats decided we would get together to undertake something more ambitious with a wide scope of interest so that we could cater for a much wider  range of public after this chat we formed a committee to run the show involving members of the Whitchurch Volunteers WW1 Re-Enactment group two of which handle all the traders coming to the towns food festivals and Blackberry fair so already familiar with trade stalls and traders we also attend military shows and display our vehicles and Re-Enactors some of the ladies dress in full WW1 nurses kit along with field tent and props we do have a full royal signals communications display with 109 land rover FFR and Sankey communications trailer along with all the kit fully working and licensed radio Ham.

This will be our first big show but the support has been massive