Exhibitors & Groups

Axis-Allied (AXAL) is a ww1 and ww2 re-enactment group that portrays all those involved in both wars. We aim to preserve the past and keep history alive!

We operate from Whittington castle, found on the Shropshire Borders, between Oswestry and Llangollen. Whittington castle is steeped in Myth and Legend and is believed to be the only castle in the UK that is community run.
The House of the Black Star regularly gives demonstrations of Medieval life,
Crime & Punishment and Weaponry displays throughout the summer months.
Black Star are also available for hire be it a Wedding, Fete, Fair or School.

Black Star Re-Enactment
Telford and District
Amature Radio Society

Telford Radio group have offered to come and help with the radio station and keep with the theme Royal Signals so a set of military tents and Military radio kit mixed with some modern kit as well it should be a cracking weekend for a radio event. call sign GB1BRE

Many Thanks to the club for there support

SOE Re-Enactment

This is a group of re-enactors that re live the rolls played by many in the SOE special operations Executive this group were well known during the War for assisting the French Resistance and ran many top secret operations in to Europe during the war